What is 918Kiss Hack APK?

What is 918kiss Hack APK?

918kiss Hack APK is a Breach & Attack Simulation specially designed to hack 918kiss platforms, which created by Europe professional hacker – WhiteHat. This APK help you to drag the data from 918kiss slot game system and know where the Jackpot is.

918kiss Hack FAQ

Once you downloaded and activated 918kiss Hack APK with activation code, the system will activate the penetration to 918kiss system according to the customization you made. There are 3 information you will get:

  • Most recommended games to get Jackpot
  • Winning rate of games
  • Total spins estimated

You may download the APK installer in this link:

It is FREE Download.

The Activation Code or Merchan Number stated in the app setting is the code to activate the APK system. You will just need to purchase the code from either WhiteHat official or WhiteHat authorized agents. There are 2 types of Activation Code: 7 days Activation Code and Lifetime Activation Code.

Get APK Activation Code:

918kiss Hack APK is free to download. But you may need to purchase the activation code.

918kiss Hack APK can apply to every version of the 918kiss. But of course before that, you will need to fill in the version in  APK. So the APK will hack according to the version. In the app setting, there is a System Version for you to fill in.

Yes, if your smartphone compatible with 918kiss version, then will also be compatible with the APK.

It will be, but currently WhiteHat only hacked into 918kiss. They are still penetrating to other platforms. Because every platform using different types of security system, so it takes time to penetrate to every platform. When they hacked into other platforms, it will be announced in official website and fans page.