How To Hack 918Kiss Slot Games

How To Hack 918Kiss?

918kiss is the largest online casino in South East Asia. They offer the most types slot game with variety of styles, layout and themes. There is more than 120 games on 918kiss platform, it is including Ocean King, Dragon Maiden, Steam Tower, Pan Jin Lian, Football Carnival, Dragon Tiger, The Bull, Jin Qian Wa, and more. The players are attracted by the attractive spinning icon on the reels and the feeling of getting ‘jackpot’. However,  it is only 0.001 of chance to get ‘jackpot’ for every single spin. Means that every 1,000 spins will only exist 1 ‘jackpot’.

Hence, a lot of players tried very hard to find and search the ‘tricks’ or ‘secrets’ to get jackpot in 918kiss. However, are they success? No. Slot games are unlike Blackjack or Poker games, there is no tricks you can play around to increase your winning rate in slot games. What you can do is to keep spinning until you get the jackpot. The ‘tricks’ won’t work, but the hack does.

There is one hack APK can allow you to encrypt 918kiss slot machines and know where the system place those jackpots. It is created by professional hacker, WhiteHat. It is testimonied by a lot of users and they generate a lot of profit by using this APK. Follow the steps below to hack 918kiss slot machines:

6 Steps to Hack 918kiss Slot Games

1. Visit WhiteHat Official Website

Go to WhiteHat official website and go to download page or access with the direct link

2. Download WhiteHat Hack APK

Download WhiteHat installer for your smartphone (Android or iOS) from the download page of WhiteHat official website.

3. Install WhiteHat Hack APK

Activate the installer downloaded and wait until the installation completed.

4. Launch the APK

Launch WhiteHat APK named “Error 404”.

5. Insert Merchant Number or Activation Code

Key in 32-digits Activation Code that released by official to activate the hack. If you don’t have the code, kindly request from WhiteHat authorized agents of different countries. Click the link below to contact agent:

6. Spin & Win!

 After you have keyed in the code, you can hack 918kiss and get the jackpot whenever you want!


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